About Us

Freedom Home Buyers is a family owned business started in July 2017 by brothers, Ryan and Jason Saulle.

Who We Are

Freedom Home Buyers is a family owned business started in July 2017 by brothers, Ryan and Jason Saulle. Founder Ryan Saulle worked in the Department of Education for 5 years before leaving to pursue real estate. Jason Saulle helps manage the company.

The house buying industry has grown to have a bad reputation over the years and we are here to change that. At Freedom Home Buyers, the customer always comes first. Selling your home can be stressful and time consuming, taking anywhere from 3-6 months, sometimes longer! We strive to take on that responsibility and make it as hassle free as possible, guiding you every step of the way.

Ryan Saulle

Founder, Partner
Ryan previously worked for the Department of Education for 5 years before leaving to start the company. In his late 20’s seeking a career change, he was introduced to real estate through his brother and instantly developed a love for it. After months of researching the topic, he came to realize that the house buying industry has grown a bad reputation over the years. In July of 2017, Freedom Home Buyers was started with the core focus on putting the clients needs first. As founder, Ryan leads with honesty, integrity, and understands the value of a good company reputation. When not working, Ryan enjoys traveling, camping, skiing and spending quality time with family and friends.

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Jason Saulle

Co-Founder, Partner
Jay has been in the construction business for many years and has managed numerous renovation projects in the New York / New Jersey area. Through this experience, real estate has become a passion. Using his business background, knowledge of the local market and management skills, Jason ensures that strategy is clearly defined while overseeing performance. Jason is responsible for managing renovation budgets, negotiating subcontracts, and communicating with the project team to ensure jobs remain on time and within budget. Jason holds an excellent track record of strong working relationships with architects, town officials, and contractors. When not working, Jason enjoys family time with his wife and two children.

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Michael Lee

Co-Founder, Partner
Michael specializes on building internal infrastructures and marketing for the company. He previously owned an e-commerce company buying and selling goods online. Graduated from Baruch College with a degree in marketing, Michael is also a licensed real estate agent in New Jersey. Michael likes to travel, read, snowboard and spending time with his family & golden retriever.



Ronny Tiburcio

Acquisitions Manager
Ronny Tiburcio worked for the Department of Transportation for the last two years where his primary goal was to figure out a way to protect pedestrians utilizing public streets. While working for the DOT, Ronny also managed a rental property and was introduced to the world of Real Estate. He quickly realized that Real Estate was a great tool he can use
to help people in a more impactful way and he hasn’t stopped trying ever since. Ronny mostly spends his time playing softball in the summer and traveling with this family.



Tara Saulle

Office Manager
Tara has a background working for multiple insurance companies and a real estate investment company in the New York, New Jersey area. As an office manager in the past, Tara had developed strong organizational skills and is an excellent communicator. As a mother of two and a wife, Tara knows how to balance and prioritize all tasks on hand. When not working, Tara enjoys spending time with her family.



Carmine Romeo

Head Of Construction
Carmine has been working in the construction industry for 14 years before he decided to pursue his dream of opening his own contracting business. Carmine runs all day-to-day construction operations for our company, actively dealing with subcontractors, inspectors, and city officials. As a licensed New Jersey contractor, Carmine takes pride in the quality of his work. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf and spending quality time with his wife and children.



Vinny Tozzo

Sales Manager
Vinny has been a firefighter since the age of 21 and always knew that his passion for real estate would be something he ventured into. Vinny has a strong ability to quickly and easily connect with others, which serves him well in both careers. His passion lies in meeting and getting to know new people. As a licensed realtor, he has a strong drive to meet the specific needs of all his clients. When Vinny isn’t working he enjoys spending time with his family as well as working out and watching sports



Jagger Bocconi

Acquisitions Manager
Jagger Bocconi worked at Enterprise for the past 2 years while focusing on bettering the clients experience. It was there where he realized the significance of enriching these relationships and the impact it can have on people. Jagger always had a love a for real estate and seeks to use that passion to create meaningful and long lasting relationships in the community. Jagger is a movie buff and in his free time he enjoys traveling and playing sports.



Why We Are Different

Freedom Home Buyers is a home buying company who focuses on the customers needs. Unlike some large companies who only care about getting your house for as little as possible, we strive to find what is best for YOU. We work with each client individually to get to know your situation to find the best possible solution. Whether facing foreclosure, divorce, downsizing, tenant problems, tired of being a landlord, or just want to sell without using a real estate agent; we are here to help. We don’t look at your house as just a home, we look at it as YOUR home.

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