How to Sell My House in a Divorce

how to sell my house in a divorce

When you have to sell your home during a divorce, time won’t be on your side. It will be necessary to sell your home as quickly as possible. And that will be in addition to the stresses already in place during a difficult time. Before you Google “how to sell my house in a divorce,” read on for a rundown of some alternatives.

How to Sell My House in a Divorce

You will obviously want to get as much for your house as you can, while still selling quickly. And the process is daunting without the added stressors of a divorce. Appraisals, listings, inspections, closings: these are expensive and imposing. There are some ways to make selling your home fast a lot easier and a lot more profitable. And you don’t have to spend an afternoon struggling with Google searches for “how to sell my house in a divorce” to find them.

The Perils of Foreclosure

More homeowners than ever are suffering through foreclosures. Some are even deliberately allowing their property to be foreclosed upon in what is called “strategic foreclosure.” Others are suffering through costly, time-consuming, and difficult dissolutions of their families, often abandoning their homes to banks in the process and receiving nothing in return. Out of every two hundred homes owned in the U.S., at least one will be foreclosed on. That’s a million homes per year entering into foreclosure. Very few of us can sustain getting nothing for the properties we’ve made so many sacrifices for. If you’re struggling with “how to sell my house in a divorce,” there are options. Here are a few tips for selling your home for cash during a divorce.

Think Hard Before You Contact A Realtor or Real Estate Agent

The most important element of a quick sale is finding the right buyer. Preferably a cash buyer. You will need help to make sure that your property is positioned to appeal to that buyer. This is the promise of a realtor or real estate agent. But is it really the best option?

Don’t make the mistake of believing that involving an agent will accelerate the process of selling your home. It’s a common misconception. Many sellers believe that they will sell their home for more money by working with a realtor, but the numbers don’t bear that out. Even in cases where there is a marginal increase in net gain from working with a realtor, much of that gain is swallowed up by fees and costs associated with working with a realtor. And sellers trying to sell quickly found that a realtor didn’t sell their home more quickly than did comparable homes on the market that sold without a realtor.

For Sale By Owner

Although using an agent may not be the best alternative, selling your house without any help can be difficult as well. With a divorce in progress, you won’t have the luxury of leaving your house on the market until the right offer comes along. You’ll necessarily be trading time for currency. And remember that the buyer you find likely will be represented by an agent. You will be unrepresented in a complicated transaction with a great deal of money on the table. For Sale By Owner may not be the best plan for selling your home quickly. If a realtor isn’t the answer, and listing your home “For Sale By Owner” also isn’t the answer, you must still be wondering “how to sell my house in a divorce.” There is an alternative for you: if you are wondering “Can anyone really help me sell my home fast,” New Jersey’s own FreedomHomeBuyerNJ is here to help. Sell My Home Fast New Jersey!

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