Renting out your properties can bring in good money. However, the business is not without its headaches. Sometimes, you will have to deal with people who don’t want to pay rent. Unfortunately, when someone doesn’t want to pay rent, you can’t just kick them out the very same day. You will have to evict them properly, or else the case may backfire. If someone violates your lease by not paying rent, the first thing to do is terminate their lease. Many lease violations can enable the landlord to cancel the lease if the tenant doesn’t resolve the issue within three to 30 days. Read on to understand how to evict non paying renters.

How to Evict Non Paying Renters

There are several termination notices you can use when you want to evict a tenant who is failing to pay rent. The most common notice used by landlords is the rent or quit notice. This is also similar to what is known as a cure or quit notice.

How to Evict Non Paying Renters With a Cure or Quit Notice

You can also use a cure or quit notice for a tenant who is failing to pay rent. This notice is given to a tenant who repeatedly violates the terms and conditions of their lease. For instance, if they do not pay rent on time repeatedly. In such instances, you will give the tenant a bit of time to correct the violation before you order them to leave. If the tenant still fails to pay rent, you can then file an eviction lawsuit and get them to leave.

Unconditional Quit Notice

The harshest of all notices is the Unconditional quit notice. This notice instructs the tenant to move out without giving them any chance to look for or pay the rent they would have missed. This notice is only allowed when you are dealing with a tenant who has repeatedly failed to pay rent on time. It is also used when such a tenant has seriously damaged the premises.

There are several states that do not require landlords to allow tenants some time to pay overdue rent. In such a state, you can issue an unconditional quit notice right away. If the tenant refuses to move out after you have issued the notice, you can then proceed to file an eviction lawsuit. If you are having trouble with a tenant who won’t pay rent and you want to sell the house, please contact us today.