Every court in New Jersey handles the eviction process a little differently. However, there are some general eviction processes that remain the same across the state of New Jersey. No matter the reason for eviction, it is essential that you are patient and follow the entire process properly. You must have one of these valid reasons for beginning the eviction process in New Jersey.


When a tenant fails to pay the rent, this is a valid reason to begin the eviction process in New Jersey. However, if the tenant pays the rent and makes it current, this typically stops the eviction process. This can apply if you are renting or have a mortgage. Out of every 200 homes, one is foreclosed upon.

Violating The Lease Agreement

Both the landlord and the tenant must uphold the lease for the length of the lease. These agreements may vary from lease to lease. When a tenant violates the conditions of the lease, they can be evicted. However, the tenant must be given the opportunity to correct the violation.

Illegal Activity

The eviction process in New Jersey can begin when a tenant is actively involved in illegal activities on the property. Some examples include theft, assault, and possession of illegal firearms. The landlord is legally bound to give the tenant at least three days to leave the premises. The tenant must leave. They have no other option.

Property Damage

Typically, when a tenant commits significant property damage to the property, they are not permitted to renew their lease. They can also be evicted but must be given at least three days notice. Again, the tenant has no choice and must leave the property.

Disorderly Conduct

A landlord can begin the eviction process in New Jersey when a tenant has been disorderly and shown disorderly conduct at the property. Also, when the tenant ruins the peace and quiet of the rental establishment, the eviction process can begin.

These are just some of the reasons why a landlord may begin the eviction process in New Jersey. There are many other reasons why it may occur. If you are a landlord and want to evict your tenant to sell your home, you should contact a lawyer specializing in the eviction process to ensure you are acting within the law. Give us a call today at 732-384-1254 and we can help you sell your house for cash!