Imagine months of unpaid rent from one of your tenants. It’s frustrating, but you have options. If a renter violates a lease, you have the right to evict them between three and 30 days. Unfortunately, the same renters who refuse to pay rent to leave your house damaged such that you’ll have to remodel it entirely. Fortunately, you can get cash for your home once you learn how to get rid of non paying renters.

In this blog, we’ll give you a few tips on how to do just that.

Don’t Renew the Lease

The first step on how to get rid of non paying renters is not to renew their contract. Going through the trouble of continually visiting your renter is overwhelming. In some cases, the renter can pay rent during some months and refuse to pay on others. Also, if a renter takes longer to pay the rent without a good reason ensure you don’t renew their lease. Hire a reliable eviction attorney New Jersey residents trust and gather information about issuing of an eviction notice. Remember, each state has specific requirements you must fulfill during an eviction.

Communicate Honestly

Another key factor to consider on how to get rid of non paying renters is to communicate with them. Have an honest conversation about their rent payment issues and make sure you lay out their options very clearly. If there is an outside circumstance preventing your tenants from paying rent, make sure you listen carefully. you may be able to offer advice or settle on a repayment plan if you really don’t want to evict. However, if it becomes apparent that your tenant is not interested in talking or paying rent, it may be in your best interests to seek legal counsel. And if home damages are so extensive that you need to sell the property, eviction may be your best option.

Follow the Law

When you’re evicting non paying renters, it’s essential to follow and understand the laws pertaining to this process. Your tenant must follow the law, as well. So if you’re wondering how to get rid of non paying renters, make sure you understand both parties’ responsibility to uphold the law and the legal consequences if you don’t. Understand the landlord and tenant act so that you get proper defense if or when you move to court. Find out how to evict tenants in New Jersey, and you’ll be ready to get your house back.

Learning how to evict non paying renters can be stressful, especially if the damages they’ve caused mean you need to sell that property. If you still have questions or are considering selling your rental property for cash, contact us today.