While one out of every 200 homes will be foreclosed upon, there are landlords who were able to successfully evict a tenant after winning an eviction lawsuit here in New Jersey. Now that you as the landlord have won your lawsuit, there are still rules that you must follow. Let’s examine those rules, as well as how you can successfully sell your rental property to a reputable New Jersey home buying company.

The Removal of a Tenant

In the state of New Jersey, a landlord may remove a tenant after requesting to evict them, is to first win an eviction lawsuit. In the aftermath of winning the lawsuit, the landlord is not the party that will actually evict or remove the tenant.

The removal of the tenant is accomplished by a New Jersey law enforcement officer. Here in New Jersey, it is illegal for a landlord to force a tenant to move out of a rental property. Additionally, the tenant can sue a landlord who attempts to handle the process of eviction on their own.

Guidelines to Evict a Tenant

While landlords in each state are required to follow specific guidelines to evict a tenant, in the state of New Jersey, landlords cannot engage in self-help. In fact, self-help is not only prohibited in New Jersey but a landlord who engages in it is deemed as a disorderly individual.

Self-help is also seen as a criminal offense that can land the landlord in jail for up to six months. So, as you look to get cash for your home and evict the tenant that is presently in there, you want to begin with going through all proper channels, ensuring that you are not engaging in what New Jersey refers to as self-help. As the eviction process in New Jersey can seem cumbersome, winning an eviction lawsuit is a positive step.

The Basis for the Rules

Here in New Jersey, landlords are required to carefully follow all the procedures and rules as mandated by the state of New Jersey law when you have a desire to evict a tenant. While these rules may seem cumbersome and unfair, they’re in place for a reason. Oftentimes, evictions can occur quickly with the end result being very serious. The rules that New Jersey has put into place help to ensure that the eviction is not only justified but that the tenant has time to find a new house.

Selling your House for Cash After an Eviction Lawsuit

Now that you’ve successfully evicted your tenant from your rental property, there is a good chance that the house may need a thorough cleaning and some repairs. Your New Jersey home buying company can help you in the aftermath of a tenant eviction and eviction lawsuit.

Instead of contemplating how you’re going to clean your home, you can connect with us. We buy houses for cash all over New Jersey regardless of the condition they’re in. Forget spending time paying for cleaning and repairs. Simply connect with us and sell that home as-is.

A Much Easier Process to Sell That Rental Property

Your New Jersey home buying company offers a much easier process for you to sell that rental home after you successfully evict your tenant. We offer cash for your home in as little as 24 hours, the opportunity for you to close on your home on a date of your choosing, no payment for commissions, no appraisals, or a requirement for you to repair the home. We buy houses for cash in New Jersey with no complications to the home seller. Connect with us and learn why we are the best home buyers for you to sell that rental property.