You’ve worked hard to evict the tenants that were living in your rental property, and now you no longer want the home. As a landlord, you now want to sell the home and move forward. While the eviction process was difficult for you, you can still sell that home that you no longer want to rent out. Let’s delve into ways you can get the money you want and need while moving forward with your rental property business.

Assess the Property and Its Damage

In the aftermath of the eviction process, you now have a house that is a quality home but was unfortunately destroyed by the previous tenants. You want to take the time to assess all of the damage that was done to the property. Was the carpet soiled due to pets or mishaps? Does the home have broken windows? Are the walls damaged? Regardless of the damage, you want to take out a pad and a pencil and write down all instances of damage in and around your rental property.

Document Water and Fire Damage

After your successful eviction of the problematic tenants, you are very happy to see them gone. Unfortunately, they have left fire and water damage behind that is now part of your home. While damage of any kind is awful, water and fire damage affect the structure of the home in tremendous ways.

Fire and water damage can also affect the home in ways that may not be clearly visible to the naked eye. So, as a landlord, you want to assess any and all fire and water damage. Did your home have a fireplace? Is the ceiling above it charred? Is there mold in the basement due to water damage? Did the residents flood an upstairs bathroom and leave you a leaking and cracked floor and ceiling? Take the time to assess and write down all fire and water issues that your rental property has.

Quickly Sell The House As Is

As your New Jersey home buyers, we specialize in homes that have damage. In fact, we are a company that has real people behind it who have the experience to buy that rental property from you fast. As a landlord, your previous Internet searches have included how to get rid of non paying renters.

Now, after the successful eviction process, your computer searches include results to such phrases as sell my home quick, sell your home, or sell your home fast. There’s no need to search for any other words, phrases, or companies. We buy homes here in New Jersey from landlords and others quickly.

Did you know that within a market of high-demand house selling, a well-priced home may be able to sell within three to 10 days? Within a buyer’s market, that home sale could take a month or more to sell. Instead of going the conventional route of selling that rental property, you can contact us. We’re a company of experience and action when it comes to selling a distressed and damaged house.

As a New Jersey landlord, you may feel as if your options are limited when it comes to selling that home with broken windows or a molded basement. Nothing could be further from the truth. We buy houses in New Jersey that are damaged beyond repair, from persons who have inherited them or from landlords who have successfully filed eviction papers on non paying tenants and won. Let us help you create a fresh new start with your rental business. We buy houses for cash and await to make you an offer on that damaged and distressed property now. Connect with us and find out the ways we can assist.