Generally speaking, selling a house takes about three weeks, but that process can take even longer depending on the circumstances. If you need to sell your home and three weeks or months on the market isn’t going to cut it, there are other, faster options available to you. In fact, it is possible to sell your home in days and get cash for your home right away.

Here are some situations that may require selling homes as soon as possible, and the best ways to go about doing it.

When Divorce Means Selling

How to sell my house in a divorce… It’s a line of thinking no one wants to consider. Sometimes life just works out that way. If a divorce is necessitating selling your home and doing it quickly, don’t worry. It’s not an impossible thing to do and, with the right mindset and know-how, it can be a relatively simple process.

Do quick fixes. That means de-cluttering and cleaning up around the house–something you’re likely doing anyway in the midst of a divorce. Purchase some paints for a cost-effective way to improve the appearance of inner rooms quickly, without too much elbow grease and strenuous effort on your part. Similarly, it may be best to work with buyers who purchase homes as-is. Again, this requires less effort on your part during an especially stressful time. It means moving out and moving on faster, instead of getting stuck paying rent or mortgages for two new homes during an awkward transition period. Most importantly, getting immediate cash for your home makes it simpler and less messy to split up proceeds, a necessary outcome of a divorce. How to sell my house in a divorce… relax. It’s doable, and it can be simple.

What Is A Distressed Home?

The terminology here can be misleading. According to Bankrate, “Distressed property is any property that is under foreclosure or being sold by the lender.”

Unfortunately, if your house is about to be foreclosed or you have defaulted on your mortgage, chances are you may know this distinction all too well. Fortunately, the eviction and foreclosure processes take time, and there are some loopholes to avoid them. Evictions can take anywhere from three days (Florida) to three months or more. That exact time frame depends on the state you live in. The foreclosure process takes approximately six or seven months. That gives you some wiggle room to look into alternatives and do whatever you can about it.

First, know that you’re not alone. Up to 250,000 families face foreclosure every three months, and at least one out of every 200 houses will ultimately undergo foreclosure by the bank or lender. Second, take advantage of the time that you have. Look for buyers purchasing homes as-is, buyers who want to flip homes, and buyers who make it easy for you to tie-up and close the process in a fairly short time.

A Death In The Family

How to sell my house in a divorce, how to sell to prevent foreclosure… Unfortunately, that’s not it when it comes to life and unexpected and perhaps less than ideal circumstances. A death in the family can also leave you with a home to sell fast. Typically, those who inherit homes turn around and sell them relatively quickly. Less typically, families move into inherited homes, which still requires them to sell their current property.

Let’s consider the most likely possibility. Why do families sell homes they inherit? It’s all about taxes. In most cases, when you sell your home, you are eligible for a tax exclusion. On inherited properties, you’re not. That means taxes and costs can easily creep up on you, and it’s wise to sell and mitigate costs while you still can.

How to sell my house in a divorce, how to prevent an impending foreclosure, and what to do in the event of unexpected death in the family… these are things we’d rather not think about, but life doesn’t work that way. Keep your finances in check by considering all of the options and possibilities available to you.