If you’ve recently experienced the death of a family member and they left you property, you may be thinking of selling the property for a number of reasons. Perhaps the memories are too painful or you don’t want to move out of your home or manage a second one. You may come across a statement on the Internet from home buying companies claiming “We buy houses in New Jersey.” That may leave you thinking, “Should I sell my inherited house through a traditional realtor or to a home buying company or do I keep it?” Here’s what you need to know when thinking about selling your inherited home.

When You Should Sell Your Home Fast

Making a decision to sell your home fast for cash depends on a few factors. Some inherited homes can quickly become a financial burden. This financial burden could be a mortgage loan that comes due a few months after your loved one has passed away. With reverse mortgages, you’ll be required to pay off the full loan immediately to be able to keep the property. You may even have to pay off overdue property taxes to stop foreclosure.

Traditional Realtor vs. Home Buying Company

Selling your home through a traditional realtor can take an extensive amount of time and effort getting the property ready and waiting for it to sell on the market. A home can take more than a month to sell in a buyer’s market, if it sells at all. This also requires paying an extensive amount of money out of pocket in taxes and fees with the probate process and realtor expenses.

When you are in a bind, selling through one of the most reputable and trustworthy “We buy houses in New Jersey” home buying companies. You’ll need to research these companies thoroughly before signing any agreements. Research online reviews, check for complaints with the Better Business Bureau and ask plenty of questions. Be wary of any company that asks you to transfer your deed while you retain mortgage ownership or who asks you to pay upfront fees.

Selling an inherited house is difficult but necessary when you need cash for your home. Get peace of mind and freedom from an unexpected financial burden. We buy houses in New Jersey. Give us a call today at 732-384-1254.